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The GoBoat – Your Personal, Portable Watercraft
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The GoBoat

The Boat That Goes With You

  • Innovative, patented design
  • Light-weight, durable & super portable
  • Weighs less than most carry-on luggage
  • Take it anywhere in your car, SUV, or pickup
  • Simple to assemble, sets up in minutes
  • No need to hassle with boat landings
  • Launch from shore, dock, beach or boat
  • Partners with any simple trolling motor (sold separately)

It’s Fun. It’s Practical. It’s Yours

  • Provides hours of fun for kids and adults
  • Navigate hard-to-reach or shallow areas
  • Quiet operation for duck hunting
  • Fishing, recreation, sight-seeing… you name it
  • PLUS, it makes a great bumper boat!


Dave Yonce & The GoBoat

Dave Yonce – Creator of The GoBoat

It all started in an airplane.

Dave, a pilot, was on his way back to Tulsa, when he looked out the west window and saw the sun gleaming from hundreds of ponds, streams, and lakes.

He was taken aback by just how many bodies of water he saw… especially since he was flying above Oklahoma.

That night, inspired, he sat down with his two boys and brainstormed about a summer project they could build together to get out and enjoy the water.

The all agreed to make bumper boats!

Together, they sketched out some designs and set to work building their boats. The project took a while.

Summer was coming to a close, and they finally finished their boats on the night before school started. With headlights and floodlights lighting the pond, they launched their crafts at 1:00am… and had a blast on the water.

That was 2008. After four generations of prototypes and years of testing, the GoBoat is ready for production & distribution.

Dave Yonce is no stranger to building companies. He was recently featured on Shark Tank for the IcyBreeze, his innovative portable air conditioner. He was a co-founder of Solarwinds, a multi-billion dollar software company and has built over 20 companies since 1998.

Assembling Your GoBoat is a Snap

As low as $249 with Free Shipping* through Memorial Day!

Just add a trolling motor & battery

*Free shipping for contiguous 48 US states